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"...ever been so connected to an "imaginary" person, whether your favourite comic-book superhero, the tragic nemesis of a Shakespearean play, your fictionalised interpretation of a famous author or an entity of your own creation, that you literally couldn't get them out of your head? That you felt as if in some way, whether silent and unmoving or active and participating, they were with you or by your side? That their worlds and experiences were a personal story that they shared with you - or that their journeys were more than merely stories, but that to the both of you, they were as real as any other?This is what we call a SoulBond."

~Soul Whispers


"...the experience of many individuals sharing (and most likely cooperating together towards running) the life of a single body. Different individuals can present 'at front' at different times."


This is what we are. There’s always been a lot of shame, discomfort and self-hatred associated with this. After all, hearing voices is supposed to be a mental disorder, right? What happens when they’re not just voices, but thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes, personalities and allergies and love lives and families and friends and histories and... That’s an entire person. Not just a “voice” or a “character” or a “personality”. That’s a real, actual, existing person.

And that’s what these people are to me. People. And it’s about time I start treating them like people, not like a disease, a mental problem or a role-playing game gone too far. It’s not an over-active imagination. It’s not something wrong with my brain. It’s a difference, that’s all, and one that’s not terribly uncommon. I’ve come out about this before, on other sites... but then I got scared and deleted everything. Not any more. I don’t know what causes it or why, but it is what it is, so...

Here is a webpage, for them. For all of us. We will be updating it with information that we see fit to share.