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From The West Meadows.

* Welcome post.

* On coming out, the good and the bad. "When you come out about anything, it’s a wise idea to be prepared for any and all reactions to what you’ve come out about."

* Fiction vs Reality, part one. "So I said that some of the people we have here seem to be fictional people. We had someone online who asked how that worked, if it was “really just” an over-active imagination, escapism, etc. They asked if we “really thought” that “that stuff is real”. Good questions."

* Fiction vs Reality, part two. "There are a lot of creative work involved in fandom."

* On creativity. "Or, “won’t someone please think of the authors?!” People have stated that fictionkin and soulbonders couldn’t exist, because fiction is just fiction, and have implied that it is an affront to authors and artists everywhere."

* On fanfiction. "While I understand that authors don’t want people making money off of their works… fanfiction doesn’t tend to do that. And it irritates me that authors make worlds, characters and such, and want to make money off it… but then get ANGRY and threaten to SUE FANS when fans fall in love with their series and want to write fanfiction about it."